Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Czech Man's (and Woman's) Best Friend

One of the first things that one notices when one spends some time in the Czech Republic is how much Czech people really love dogs. They’re everywhere!
According to “more people have dogs as pets in Prague than anywhere else in the world.” (read the full article here).

Here dogs are also allowed in pubs, coffee shops and restaurants, so it really seems like wherever you go, there are dogs.
The second thing besides the sheer quantity of dogs one notices is how amazingly well-behaved they are: the majority are not on a leash at all, but just walking happily beside their owners. Some even wait outside grocery stores for their owners without a leash. This is something I never see in Finland. In Finland dogs are off their leash only in parks. So somehow it seems that Czech people train their dogs better than people of many other nations do. Why or how, I know not.

I read on-line that the law here does require dogs to be kept on a leash (except in some parks), but at least in Ostrava, this is not enforced at all; the dogs run free and it does not seem to be a problem because they are so well-behaved.
The next thing that one notices about dogs is that some of them are wearing muzzles. This is also something I never see in Finland. When I first saw this, I wondered why many dogs, especially big ones, wear muzzles:  is it a legal requirement? Or do these dogs have a history of biting? After some googling, I found out that animals can be taken on public transport, but they must be either in a cage or bag or, in the case of bigger dogs, must wear a muzzle. So my theory about dogs being well-behaved is not shattered by this muzzle-thing after all.

In the Czech Republic, it seems that both people and dogs are well-behaved. But more about the manners of the two-legged Czech population later on…

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  1. Hi Mimi!

    Based on my own perception, it's the same thing with dogs in Italy, Germany (at least Munich area) and Switzerland - they go with their owners everywhere, very often without a leash and are generally very well behaved. A friend of mine just moved to Hamburg with their dog from Finland, and they've got a lot of laws and regulations there (Hamburg) when it comes to dog owning - wonder if that makes one become a "more responsible" dog owner from the get-go, i.e. when you get a pet, you are more aware of the responsibilities you face, including accountability of your pet. Go figure, I'd love to move to central Europe with my Doxie, that's for sure :-)

    Have a good October! +23 C sounds perfect! :-)